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A Total Of 3500 Users Have Tried Autoresponder Emelmatik Since Year 2011. Proven Emelmatik’s Are The Selected “The Most Favourited Budget Autoresponder In Malaysia!

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What Is Emelmatik?

Emelmatik is a system that regulates the sending of emails to subscribers (list) automatically. It is used to send a series of emails when Visitor fill up their name and email address in your opt-in form squeeze page. Opt-in form is the ‘data catcher’ and sent to the autoresponder system to carry out email response. In fact all internet marketers (IM) need an autoresponder system to facilitate their daily reply.

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How This System Can Assist You?

Email Follow Up

Email Newsletters

Form Generator

Link Tracking

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After the prospect registered, you can send an automatic email to them as soon as they sign up, after that, the system will automatically send an email follow-up later. All that can be done by using Emelmatik.

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With these functions, you can send bulk email to your subscribers anytime. For example you can send an email to announce the latest developments of your business, new products, promotions and so on.

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Use Emelmatik to generate subscription form and place it in a Web page, minisite or blog. You can receive subscriber in either single or double opt-in according to your preferences.

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Emelmatik also can track responses subscribers by providing subscribers who read the report in the email, click the link and report in daily, monthly and yearly basis.

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24 x 7 Support

HTML or Text

Cost Saving

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Team support will always be with you in any technical assistance that arise when using our system. Support ticket Emelmatik will answer all questions within 6 hours. No fees will be charged.

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Select either HTML or plaint text format or both formats once when writing email content. Writing email content can easily handled by using WISIWYG concept.

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Have just ventured into the field of internet marketing? Less cost to subscribe to paid autoresponder? We provide quality autoresponder that can be used 365 days without charge. You can save up to hundreds of ringgits.

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What They Say After Tried Emelmatik??

WOW! BEST Autoresponder System!

Made In Malaysia!

Save Cost & Budget If You’re Newbies

I am very satisfied using the service Emelmatik and comparable Autorensponder International as Trafficwave. I started to sign Free Trial and its very easy to use the system Emelmatik along with a guide. I would say it is a LOSS of not to use the Malaysia Autoresponder, the only do not charge monthly fees! Sure regret paying every month using international autoresponder.Muhammad FieSubscribe Now! So far I do not use other autoresponder as used by many marketers like Aweber Malaysia because it is expensive. Now I found a Malaysian-made own autoresponder. Doubt at first, using free package but now its really not comparable to premium package.By using the premium package, we can get many others good features with only pay once in a life time. Where can get this? I always loyal with emelmatik.com-jemana autoresponder you can trust.AmiliaSubscribe Now! I’ve been using for a few weeks. Emelmatik was best, and the best!! Before I was using a paid autoresponder, initially was willing to pay, but when they’re going to pay monthly its become a burden to me. After all, sales is not as targeted?But each month have to be prepared money to pay for an autoresponder. Fortunately Emelmatik was introduced. I can save a little cost in IM. I’m newbies, that’s why income is not much. hehehe… So, my advise to those yet to start, choose Emelmatik as autoresponder really the right choice! No try no gain.Mohd Ismail Asmawi a.k.a MawfizSubscribe Now!


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